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5 ways to style our bandanas this winter

A gift that keeps on giving? ✔️ Our wool and cotton bandanas are the perfect gift anyone would love to incorporate into their personal style. Block printed onto soft wool, they’ll also provide warmth and a touch of art to any look.

By Nargis Mithaiwala
Model wearing the golden/bronze printed Alexa Wool bandana tied around the neck against a black long sleeve

Why Customers Spend $49 on our Wool Bandanas

Simply put, there is nothing else like them. When we first started our business way back when, we started out with chiffon scarves and then eventually added cotton bandanas. Woolen bandanas kind of came about when we would do shows in San Francisco and customers would ask if we had something warmer to wear. So we started thinking - how can we create a new kind of scarf that was original, lightweight, easy to carry but was also warm? That's when we came up with our woolen bandanas. 

By Nargis Mithaiwala
Nargis, founder of From, Mila, wearing the Veronica Bandana scarf tied around the neck

How to Wear Bandanas for Warmth

Believe it or not, you can tie bandanas in a way that will keep your neck covered and warm. Here's how.

By Nargis Mithaiwala

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