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Model wearing the Estella Corduroy Jumpsuit, sitting down in a park with a white long sleeve underneath

Fall Wardrobe Must-Have: The Jumpsuit

A From, Mila staple, the jumpsuit epitomizes everything we love: bold, colorful and effortless. Our lives are already so busy and chaotic, dressing up and feeling our best should be...

How to tie a bandana: step-by-step

How to Tie a Bandana: Step-by-Step

There are many ways to tie and style a bandana, but we are breaking down the very easy steps to master the most popular and versatile look: around the neck. 

Hand block printed khadi hand towels

What is Khadi?

What is Khadi? Khadi is quite simply hand-woven fabric. In an effort to monetarily empower those living in poverty across India, and to assist in boycotting inflated foreign clothing in the...

From Mila x Dazey LA

From Mila x Dazey LA

Combining Dani’s original @dazey_la artwork with our block printing process, we have made three new bandana prints that anyone and everyone would love to wear and cherish for years to come.

From Mila Gift Guide - Block Print Velvet Blanket

From Mila Gift Guide

For all the people in your life that deserve something one of a kind, unique and handmade with love. 

Beige Floral Maxi Ruffle Dress with Mid Sleeves

WFH: Maxi Comfort

Working from home can often feel like permission to stay in pajamas all day, and while there's nothing more comfortable than spending the day in cozy sweats and oversized sweaters, we...

Black + White Summer Style Guide

Black + White Summer Style Guide

County fairs. Beach days. Late night ice cream trips. The joys of Summer. As we continue to expand our clothing and accessories collection, we finally have staple black and white...

Your Travel Packing List

Your Travel Packing List

Nothing fuels my soul like an adventure. Whether that's an hour away from home or a 12-hour plane ride across the pond... no matter what adventures you have planned this summer,...

Summer Gift Guide

Summer Gift Guide

WEDDING SEASON GIFT GUIDE From bridal showers to housewarming parties, wedding season is here, and so is the task of finding that perfect gift for the occassion. Don't know what to...

Behind the Hand Block Printing Process

Behind the Hand Block Printing Process

From the very first step, tracing designs onto wooden blocks, to drying naturally in the sunlight, allowing all the colors to fully set in, we captured video to show you...

How to Tie a Bandana in your Hair

How to Tie a Bandana in your Hair

How do you tie a bandana? It's the question I'm always asked, and now, I have your answers. Learn the three best ways to tie our bandanas in your hair...

From Mila Hand Block Printed Home Decor Towels and Velvet Throw Blankets

Top 4 Ways to Master the Boho Home

Home is where the heart is, and when it's decorated well, it's also where the soul is. As we've expanded from accessories into clothing and now into home decor, we...

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