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What is Khadi?

Hand block printed khadi hand towels

What is Khadi? Khadi is quite simply hand-woven fabric. In an effort to monetarily empower those living in poverty across India, and to assist in boycotting inflated foreign clothing in the early 1900's, Mahatma Gandhi initiated the Khadi Movement. Because spinning and weaving is so easily learnt and not weather reliant (unlike farming), producing Khadi was an effective and useful way for those living in poverty to earn income all year long, and to produce more affordable clothing.

Hand block printed khadi gabriela hand towel

What makes our bath and hand towels so special is, because it is printed on Khadi cotton, everything about these towels is handmade, from the very first step. The thread? Hand spun. The towel? Hand woven. The blocks used to print? Hand carved. And the actual design itself? Hand printed. 

Hand block printed khadi hand towels

Because of the hand-weaving characteristic of this particular Khadi fabric, each towel has a waffle-weave texture, providing an exfoliating/scrub-like feature that most towels don't have. Most towels are heavy, take hours to dry and simply wipe the water away. From our own experience, our towels are incredibly lightweight, absorb rather than wipe off water, dry incredibly fast because they are so lightweight and really help give your body that extra scrub post-wash. 

Hand block printed isla khadi bath towel

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