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Hand block prints for body and home

Printed by artists in Jaipur, India

Welcome to From, Mila

Welcome to our small family-run business. Inspired by our love of travel and art around the world, we design bold and colorful apparel, accessories and home decor that will hopefully bring comfort and joy into your everyday life.

Slow fashion made to last

From the block carving to the block printing to the final construction, our artists and partners in India spend devoted time ensuring designs are created to perfection. Sometimes, that means re-dyeing, re-cutting, reworking the original design. While time consuming at times, it's incredibly enjoyable to see the final designs come to life.

Model holding the Camila bandana open outside in a field

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BTS: How Block Printing Works

Block printing is slow fashion at its finest. Before any print can even come to life, the blocks have to be created. Depending on the intricacy of the print and the number of colors used, 3-5 blocks can sometimes be needed to create one design, as each color needs its own block to fit into the entirety of the print. So, where do we start?

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