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"Why does block printing take so long?"

Early stages of the Selena print during the block printing process

Let's talk about the block printing process and why it takes so long. 

Early stages of the Selena print during the block printing process Selena print a bit more filled in during the block printing process Final Selena print after the block printing process

If a print has four different colors - a floral design for example - the outline is black, some petals are red, some are yellow and the stem is green - each color requires its own block and its own round of printing. 

Most of the time, one design is assigned to one artist. Once one round is done, the artist grabs the next block and color dye and does it all over again. 

Luckily, as you can see in this video, there are two artists working together on this one design. As the first artist takes charge of one block print, the second artist quickly follows up with the next block print. This is the only way we can "speed up" the printing process. 

Block printing is an incredibly slow process. From taking time to place the blocks down accurately so they are in line with the previous placements, to ensuring the weather that day is ideal for drying, to making sure there is enough table availability to even print (the artists we work with always make sure one design can be fully printed as quickly and efficiently as possible to reduce dye wastage).

Two block printed Selena hand towels hanging on a gold rod Block printed Selena hand towel folded and placed on a white bathroom counter

When we sold out of our previous hand towels due to being featured in House Beautiful (!!), we were eager to the get the new designs in as quickly as possible, and I know many of you were eagerly waiting for them as well. But, block printing is no "quick turnaround". What you see and what you get are pieces that have been thoughtfully and carefully crafted together to beautify your home. 

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