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Capri Bandana: Behind the Block Printing Process

Hand carved blocks used to create the Capri bandana print

Part of our Spring/Summer 2021 collection, the Capri bandana is inspired by our dream summer in Italy, and the vibrant, sherberty print is the perfect accessory to add warmth and ease to every look this season. 

Take a look into how the print came to life, from the tracing of the print onto a wooden block, to drying in sunlight, utilizing this natural drying process to give each piece its own unique hue. 

After the print has been fully designed, it is printed out and traced onto a wooden block. 

Capri print being traced onto a wooden block

The carving then begins...

Capri bandana print being carved

Capri bandana print being carved

Even though the print may look repetitive, we still have to create multiple versions of the print to account for the placement of each color. So, as relatively simple this design may look (compared to others we have), four blocks were still needed to create this pretty print. 

Blocks used to create the Capri bandana print

The printing process begins...

Block printing process of the Capri bandana

After the printing is done, the fabric is washed and dried outside in natural sunlight before it is then cut, sewed and prepared to be sent to you. 

Capri bandana fabric drying outside in natural sunlight

Shop the final look here, and gift yourself something truly one of a kind, made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Capri bandana

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