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BTS: How Block Printing Works

BTS: Block Printing the Alia Print

What makes our designs stand out from the rest? Everything is hand carved, hand block printed and hand sewn. 

Block printing is slow fashion at its finest. Before any print can even come to life, the blocks have to be created. Depending on the intricacy of the print and the number of colors used, 3-5 blocks can sometimes be needed to create one design, as each color needs its own block to fit into the entirety of the print. So, where do we start?

First, the design is thought up and drawn up. Once a design is finalized, it is traced onto a wooden block:


Once the design has been traced, the carving can begin:

A block can take days to carve completely, multiply that by the number of blocks needed for one design, it can take one artist a good week to fully carve out one print. 

After the blocks are carved, comes the print. Start with the outline, then fill in with color. Because multiple blocks are needed for this particular design, the Alia, an artist can take 4-6 rounds of printing before it's finally completed. 


Once the print is done, it is then washed and dried outside in the sunlight before it is cut and sewn into its final piece. This final piece happens to be the Alia Scarf, shown here:

Alia block print scarf on model
Alia block print scarf

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