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Why Customers Spend $49 on our Wool Bandanas

Model wearing the golden/bronze printed Alexa Wool bandana tied around the neck against a black long sleeve

Simply put, there is nothing else like them.

When we first started our business way back when, we started out with chiffon scarves and then eventually added cotton bandanas. Woolen bandanas kind of came about when we would do shows in San Francisco and customers would ask if we had something warmer to wear. So we started thinking - how can we create a new kind of scarf that was original, lightweight, easy to carry but was also warm? That's when we came up with our woolen bandanas. 

Model wearing the floral printed Jane Wool Bandana around the neck against a white long sleeve

We had never seen it before, and it answered one of our main concerns-being easy to carry around. The one thing we wanted to avoid was designing something that was heavy, bulky and not convenient to have on you at all times, because ultimately, scarves should be that go-to accessory you can always have on you.

The other thing we wanted to avoid was having the scarf be too long. When scarves are too long and you go to wrap it for that extra warmth, oftentimes it covers up and/or ruins an outfit. We didn't want that. We wanted to create pieces that enhances your look, not hide it. Thus, our woolen bandanas arrived.

Model wearing the golden/bronze printed Alexa Wool bandana tied around the neck against a black long sleeve

Ensuring the fabric we printed on provided warmth (minus any itch, which was also very very important!), our block printed, bold, colorful woolen bandanas have become a best seller, and are sought out even during the warmer times of the year. Printed on a slightly larger piece of fabric compared to our cotton bandanas, they're at the perfect size where you can tie them loose around your neck the way you would a cotton bandana, you can tie them in your hair for a stylish ponytail look, or you can double wrap them to cover your neck and keep you covered and warm.

Plus, the fact that all of our scarves, along with everything else we sell, is block printed in India by artists using hand carved wooden blocks, and they're all printed in small batches, no two pieces will ever be alike and what you purchase is in a way, limited edition and truly one of a kind. 


Model wearing the burgundy floral printed Lana Wool bandana tied around the neck against a burnt orange/brown turtleneck


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