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How To Tie a Bandana, Four Different Ways

Model wearing the Iris bandana in her hair in a ponytail

How to style a bandana

We get it. Bandanas are super cute, super stylish, but you don't know if it's something you can pull off. I've been there. I was that person before we started designing and selling bandanas. And then, I learned how to tie them, and it has become less intimidating to pull off and more fun to incorporate into my everyday looks.

If you're one of those people who wants to learn how to style and wear a bandana, you've come to the right place! Aside from our bold and colorful bandana prints that enhance any personal style, the one thing our customers love about our bandanas compared to other brands is how soft they are, and how much softer they get with wash and wear, making any style that much easier to execute and pull off. So, if you want to try out any of the looks below, make sure to grab yourself your own From, Mila bandana here.

Now, whether it's in the hair as a bandana headband, or just around the neck, we've got tutorials below.

Style 1: Classic around the neck 


Style 2: Bandana Headband




Style 3: Bandana Hair Wrap



Style 4: Bandana Ponytail



Inspired to accessorize with bandanas this summer? Shop our current styles and have some fun mixing up your look. 


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