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Block Printing FAQ's

Artist block printing a cotton bandana

We heard you had some questions. Well, let’s get them answered for you!

Question 1: What exactly is hand block printing?

It's a form of textile printing that has been handed down from generation to generation where hand-carved wooden blocks are dipped in dye and strategically stamped onto fabric to create printed designs.


Question 2: How long does it take to block print?

It is definitely a slow process and is labeled as "slow fashion" for a reason. It can take days up to weeks to print a small batch of products.

Because of the nature of block printing, each color has its own block, and only one block can be printed at a time. For example, if a print has five colors, there are five blocks that first need to be carved, which in itself can take roughly 1-2 weeks. Then, in between each round of printing (five rounds for each of the blocks), time is needed to allow the fabric to dry before the next round can begin. 

After all the printing is done, the fabric is then washed, dried, cut, sewn and labeled. As everything is done by hand and incredible precision is required, for a batch of 50-100 bandanas for a print that has 3-5 colors, this can easily take at least a full week for the full process. Thus, one of the reasons why we sell in small batches. 

Hand carving before hand block printing
Artist block printing on fabric


Question 3: What are Khadi towels, and how is it different or better than terry towels or Turkish towels?

Khadi is hand-woven fabric that gained popularity in the early 1900s by Mahatma Gandhi. In an effort to monetarily empower those living in poverty across India, and to assist in boycotting inflated foreign clothing, spinning and weaving Khadi became a reliant way to earn a livelihood as it wasn't weather dependent, unlike farming. 

What differs Khadi from terry is the hand-woven, waffle-weave texture. Its lightweight fabric Is known for absorbing water, drying fast, and rolling up compactly making it easier to travel with, whether it's across the world or just to the beach. 

In comparison to Turkish towels, they are rather quite similar, but ours differ through our vibrant colors and prints, livening your bathroom or kitchen decor.

Block printed bath towels stacked on top of each other, each have a colorful floral print


Question 4: Do you ever restock past designs?

Sometimes! But rarely. Going back to the block printing process, because it takes so much time to print one batch, it's oftentimes easier to move onto a new print for the next season. Also, because it's all handmade and dried in sunlight, one batch printed today can vary drastically from a batch printed next week, all because of the weather and the strength of the sun's rays. So, it becomes difficult to restock as they never truly match. 


Question 5: How do you tie a bandana?

Block printed Roma cotton bandana

There are so many ways to tie your From, Mila bandana, from around the neck to in your hair as a headband. Lucky for you, we have tons of styling tips on our Instagram and TikTok, as well as a few tutorials below:

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Block printed Tate bandana tied into a ponytail

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