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Your Travel Packing List

Your Travel Packing List

Nothing fuels my soul like an adventure. Whether that's an hour away from home or a 12-hour plane ride across the pond... no matter what adventures you have planned this summer, we've got your travel packing list here.

Museum day + dinner:

The Malaga Sleeveless Shirt Dress

Foral Sleeveless Shirt Dress

From the Picasso Museum in Barcelona to the BROAD in LA, you can wear this dress all over the world and feel confident and comfortable no matter where you are. Hand printed onto 100% cotton and tailored to this button down sleeveless dress with 2 side slits for extra room, this dress easily transitions from chucks during the day as you're perusing through the art halls, to heels at night when you dine at your favorite tapa place. A muted floral print puts you in the mood for summer, and the lightweight cotton helps you stay cool all season long. 

Shop now: The Malaga Dress

Mornings at the beach:

The Granada Towel

Floral Cotton Printed Fringe Towel

Floral Cotton Printed Fringe Towel

Whether you're headed to the islands of Hawaii or the islands of Greece, the one thing you need to pack is a durable towel. Not one to necessarily lay on, but one to dry yourself after you've enjoyed the waters. Our towels, hand printed onto a waffle weave cotton, not only keep you dry, but they themselves dry incredibly fast, making them the perfect travel companion. Thin in nature, they also pack very easily, taking up barely any space in your luggage bag or your of-the-season net bag. 

Shop now: The Granada Towel


The Foliage Bandana

Foliage Floral Printed Beige Cotton Bandana

"What's the weather like?" That's always the question. Is it hot? Cold? How hot? How cold? Is it going to rain? And no matter what we do or pack, we're always missing something and usually have to dash to the nearest mall to grab what we never thought to pack. Our bandana may not cure all, but it's always there to help. Whether you're spending a day at the beach or trekking through the ancient ruins of Asia, our Foliage bandana can keep your hair up during the heat, cover your neck when it's cold, mask your face from dust/pollution in major cities, or simply be tied to your bag to catch your eye baggage claim. 

Shop now: The Foliage Bandana

Some of our other favorite travel companions:

The Positano Bandana

The Napoli Towel

The España Skirt

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