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Musing with @lea_theres and her Bandana Styling Guide

Musing with @lea_theres and her Bandana Styling Guide
"Investing in pieces that are versatile plays a key factor in my wardrobe and styling. Being able to use beautifully hand printed bandanas as scarves, part of a braid or even a top makes it an investment for me." - @lea_theres
Saguaro White Bandana as a top
While we're used to tying a scarf around our neck to accessorize our everyday look, or wrapping it around our face to keep the hair out of our faces, during the time of COVID-19, where people are making the most out of their bandanas as face masks, @lea_theres has taken it a step further and turned a 22" x 22" piece of fabric into versatile wardrobe. 
Whether it's volumizing a braid...
Delphi bandana tied into a braid
Turning it into a top...
Aegean and Santorini bandanas tied as a top
Lea used the Aegean and Santorini bandanas to create this look, tying the ends at the back of the neck, mid-back and at the front.
Or simply adding a bit of personality to her hat-of-the-day...
Aegean bandana
"Styling is a personal thing. You shouldn't run after every fad, but rather make and item and its styling your own. I love to play around a lot, which pieces like these bandanas allow me," claims Lea. 
Delphi and Santorini bandanas
"People are getting more aware of what they buy. They want to know where their product comes from and who makes it. That's why From Mila is a brand that I love. It tells a story that I want to support." - @lea_theres
Photography by @lea_theres
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