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How to Dress Boho in the Winter

How to Dress Boho in the Winter

Dressing boho is easier than you'd expect. It's all about the accessories, or that one killer piece. While some love to layer and mix prints or different fabrics, it's actually a lot easier than that, and you can usually come up with a go-to boho look just out of the items in your closet, with maybe one good piece to tie it all together.

1. Sweater Weather

We all love a good cozy day look that can take us from work to play. Our favorite pair of jeans plus the coziest sweater we have in the closet...there's never been an easier outfit to put together. What makes you stand out among the rest if the bag you you carry along with it. Here, we have a pair of go-to jeans and an everyday beige knit sweater, but elevated with our Casablanca duffle bag. Without stepping too much out of your comfort zone, this print is complementary with almost all colors, and provides just enough print and design to give you that boho taste.

How to dress boho chic - hand block printed floral weekender duffle cotton bag from mila

Featured: Casablanca Duffle

2. Blue Jean Baby

When I don't know what to wear, I usually opt for my black denim, a white tee, and my go-to Levi's denim jacket, and I call it a day. But, to completely tie my look together (literally), I carefully choose my boho accessories, from my chain hand bag to my hand printed bandana that quickly tie in my hair. Wearing a scarf, a bandana in particular, says so much about your personal style. You can tie it around your neck when it's really chilly outside, you can it around you belt loop to dress up you plain blue denim, or tie it in your hair, to keep your hair from getting tangled in the wind. When the weather changes so drastically from one hour to the next, especially in the winter, it's always a good idea to have a bandana on hand to use however you need and whenever you need to accentuate your boho style. 

How to dress boho in the winter - from mila hand block printed olive green cotton bandana scarf

Featured: Lyon Bandana

3. Girls Night Out

It's 5 o'clock. You've just left work, and now it's time to have some fun. A quick way to dress up on a 30-minute rush back home is grabbing your jeans, a lacey camisole top, a long trench or kimono, and then tie it all together with a printed boho bandana. With the rest of your look muted and versatile for all sorts of events, a handy bandana can easily add that boho chicness and casual ease that we all so desire.

How to dress boho in the winter - from mila hand block printed boho chic bandana scarf

Featured: Cannes Bandana

Photo taken by The Shop Laguna

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