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From Mila x Dazey LA

From Mila x Dazey LA

From Mila x Dazey LA!

This collaboration is so special for us, as it’s our first collaboration ever, it’s with a fellow small business, and on top of that, another female entrepreneur.

From Mila x Dazey LA Bandana Collaboration

Combining Dani’s original @dazey_la artwork with our block printing process, we have made three new bandana prints that anyone and everyone would love to wear and cherish for years to come.

First, came Dani's hand-drawn designs. After printing the designs out, artists in India trace it into a piece of wood, that they then carve out by hand.

Artist tracing a print on a wooden block

Tools used to trace and carve out prints for hand block printing

After the block has been carved, it is then hand printed onto long strips of cotton, that are then cut into their individual bandana sizes. 

Artist hand printing the Hand Print bandana

When there are multiple colors involved, like in the We Are One print seen here, multiple blocks are carved and used, as each color needs to be printed separately. 

Artist printing the We Are One bandana

This is a very limited-edition, not to be reproduced collection. And to make this collaboration even sweeter, we’ve had a few reusable bags made in the black and white Nudes print, which you’ll receive free if you shop the Bandana Bundle (all three prints and 10% off).

Free reusable tote when you purchase the From Mila x Dazey LA Bandana Bundle

To shop the From Mila x Dazey LA Bandanas, click here.

Block used to print the Nudes bandana

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