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Velvet Throws: The Printing Process

From Mila Hand Block Printed Velvet Throws Bedding Home Decor Floral Print Anthropologie Portugal Inspired

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Sometimes we get so excited about what's coming, we can't help but tell everyone we know, including YOU! 

Last fall, we opened a new door and dabbled in home decor, creating our first three styles of velvet throws. To our sweet surprise and overwhelming joy, they were a hit. So, it's no wonder that we decided to create more for this season.

The process has taken longer than anticipated, but we have pictures to show you how they're created, and why they've taken longer than expected.

Three Distinct Winter Throws

We have created three distinct styles for the Winter/Holiday season, each with a different print on either side, providing you with two versatile looks to decorate your home with, from the family room to the bedroom.

Whether you want it draped over your chaisse lounge to spruce up the season's muted colors, or laid over your bed to cuddle under as you watch Christmas movies and indulge in a second cup of cocoa - our velvet throws are not only meant to be beautiful accents to your home, but are also meant to keep you cozy all season long.

Block Printing

Step 1:

In the first photo, you will see the first step in block printing. The colors are still setting in, and are at its dullest. After this, the colors will be steamed, allowing the colors to set in and fully come to life.

From Mila Knighbury Hand Block Printing Velvet Throws Home Decor

Step 2:

Here, after a few days, the colors have set in, and you can see how they shine and are at near full vibrancy. Inspired by our visit to Portugal over the summer, this velvet throw will brighten up every room and bring that worldly warmth that we discovered on our travels through Lisbon and Porto. Hand Block Printing From Mila Knighbury Anthropologie Home Decor Velvet Throws Bedding

Step 3:

And here, is the final velvet throw, after it has been dyed, printed, steamed, set, washed and dryed. 

Hand Block Printing From Mila Knighbury Home Decor Velvet Throws Anthropologie Floral Design

Stay tuned. We have two more velvet designs, as well as other home decor delights for you to gift this holiday season.

From Mila

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