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    Our boho designs stand out among the rest because of the art and passion that goes into each stamp. Take a closer look into how each print is created through India's long-held art - hand block printing.


    It all starts at home, in Orange County. As we draw inspiration from places we've been and the places we seek to visit, we come up with prints and the colors that exude the emotions and feelings we have for places around the world. 

    Once we put these ideas on paper, we travel to India and work with our artists who convert these designs into hand-carved wooden blocks that will be used to print with. 

    Hand Block Printing From Mila Designs

    From there, the fabric is selected, as are the colors, and the printing process begins. Because each print can encompass multiple colors and multiple layers of different blocks/designs, the process to print one scarf or one throw can take days, allowing time to dye the fabric, print, dry, print, dry, etc. After the printing is done, each piece is then naturally dried in the natural sunlight, which unfortunately adds to the time in the creative process, but thankfully also adds to the natural beauty in each scarf, throw, dress, towel and bag we bring back home to sell to you. 

    Hand Block Printing Process From Mila Designs

    The art of hand block printing has existed in India for generations, and is what makes our prints and hues shine in ways that couldn't if it were printed by machine. Each piece is uniquely created by hand and entirely one of a kind. 

    From Mila Hand Block Printed Reversible Floral Velvet Throw